Idea Machine

Client: Avocados from Mexico

"The Avocado Lottery"

The Scene:

Your alarm doesn’t go off, your hot water heater isn’t working, and your blow dryer just busted a fuse. It’s 7 am and already shaping up to be a bad day.

You zombie-walk downstairs to find that your programmed coffee machine didn’t start.Your eggs are runny.
Your toast is burnt.
You’re late to work; the boss yells at you; nothing gets better from there.

End of Day: you make it home, tuck the kiddo into bed after a trial, decide to make a quick

dinner for yourself: avocado toast.
You slice the avocado lengthwise, a frown on your face, unhappy with all of the day.
DING DING: your avocado has a tiny seed and is the perfect ripeness!

A small almost-smile when you see it. A larger smile, in acknowledgement.
A real smile, the day’s trials wiped clean.

“Improve your avocado lottery chances with us. Avocados from Mexico.”

Listen, “avocado lottery” is a term that’s getting thrown around on the internet more and more, but has yet to be utilized in an advertisement. Jump on the bandwagon before everyone else! Make sure consumers know that you’re the winning ticket.

 A Winning Avocado

A Winning Avocado




Pitch for Food Delivery Company

“Calories only count if someone’s counting.”


Picture this: you’re over the age of 30, which means your metabolism has gone down the shitter. You’re at home with your husband, end of the day, yoga pants on. You excuse yourself to the bathroom, claiming upset stomach.

You order food (pizza? cookies? whatever) online, instructing them explicitly to deliver around the back, 4th window from the right, and wait in the bathroom. Delivery arrives, as per instructions!

You eat your personal pizza, Lululemons on, and take a moment to shout “Sorry, hun, just a minute!”

Flush the toilet, wash your hands, dab any grease off your face, and go back out to rejoin your Game of Thrones viewing, with husband none the wiser.

Voice-over: “Delivery company” fast delivery, the way you want it. Calories only count if someone’s counting.”

Pitch for Running Shoes
"The Reward is Always Worth it"

You’re up before dawn, to squeeze a workout in before your day begins. Lace up your kicks and head out the door. You’re tired, you’re slow, because you’re new to this. You aren’t the perfect runners you see past your window, but you want to be.

Your body is fighting you every step of the way, you’re checking your progress constantly, wondering how this could be taking so long. Only one mile? Still two more to go?

You’re nearing your driveway and see a yellow ribbon set up, and a cheering squad of your family beside it. Now you feel light, and you get a burst of speed, running like the people you always see. You run through the ribbon! You jump up and down, cheering for yourself and for your first place! You hug your family.

“ ‘brand name’ because the reward is always worth it.”