Podcast 9: The One Where I've Had Too Much Coffee

Wowza, caffeine is coursing through my system!

Thank you to everyone returning, and to any new viewers! I wish I had said that at the very beginning! I'm truly honored that you are spending some time with me.

Where you can find me:
Ravelry: GooseyFibers
Instagram: goosey_fibers

Peacock Dress by Pernille Larsen - Knitting for Olive, done in Goosey Fibers sock Carolina colorway.
Apple Blossom Socks by Helen Stewart in Hippo for Christmas color by LoloDidIt

The Avenues sock pattern by Mina Phillips (Knitting Expat) in the worst sock blank evereverever, but pretty colors!
pompom magazine, issues 1, 12, 17

Room 606 by Helga Isager
Sucre Sucre stitch markers!