Why Me?

A 34 year old married mother is an important demographic because I have more responsibilities than ever before, and openly welcome anything and everything that might make life a little easier. Can I burn more calories with your gear, sleep 5 minutes longer, get my kid to sleep faster, cook a healthier dinner that everyone will enjoy, and still emerge from my home looking anything resembling a put-together grownup? Then I will leap on whatever product you are hocking.

I’ll pay the premium if you promise not to put me on hold. I’ll stay with your gym, but won’t even sign up if there’s a signing fee. I’m important because I refuse to take advertisements unless they interest me. I’m the person on the sidewalk who doesn’t take your coupon, who throws away your buy 7 get the 8th free punch card. I don’t clip coupons, I invest in the best with an eye on the future. I spend the money if you can convince me it’s “classic.”

Also because now i have “grown up” money to spend.